NuclearWinter is a set of libraries to develop games and applications using XNA and MonoGame.

This repository contains the core of NuclearWinter, featuring game state management, screen resolution handling, an input manager and an user interface library.

NuclearWinter used to contain the VectorLevel library for rendering 2D levels based on SVG files edited with Inkscape, but it has been removed for now as it is currently unmaintained. You can still find it in older revisions. It might be ressurected as a separate repository at some point in the future.

NuclearWinter development is led by Elisée Maurer. NuclearWinter powers both the 2D multiplayer arcade game QuadSmash and CraftStudio, a 3d collaborative game-making platform currently in development.

There's some initial work on a sample project in the repository, NuclearSample.

NuclearWinter is distributed under the MIT license (see LICENSE.txt). Feel free to use it in your own projects! Contributions are welcome too.

Please use the newer repository hosted at Bitbucket to report issues or submit pull requests.

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